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Welcome to my website and welcome to the world of Energy Therapy. The principles that govern energy and health are simple:

If you think about it, our physical bodies, our emotions, our thoughts, even our deepest human longings can all be understood as expressions of energy.

When our energy is vibrant and fluid we feel well, our mind is clear and we function at our best. We engage willingly and enthusiastically with whatever life offers and are able to face our challenges with openness, courage and resilience.

On the other hand, when our energies are dull and blocked we suffer. We shut down. We become ill, anxious, irritable or depressed. Our relationships feel complicated, our successes unfulfilling. We may develop addictions in an attempt to temporarily escape the pain in our lives. When we emerge from our stupor, there is that pain again. And so the cycle of unhappiness continues and deepens.

We all wish for optimal health and a sense of satisfaction and joy in our lives. This is, in fact, our birthright. To do this we must learn to open ourselves and rebalance our energies. We need to discover and let go of what is making us sick and learn to live more fully in the present moment. Then we can restore our physical and psychological well-being and develop a balanced, grounded, positive attitude towards living. This is the aim of Energy Therapy.

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